What to consider for hotel curtains ?

Window treatments in the hotel can be divided into two major types

 1) Stiff Window Treatments 

2) Soft Window Treatments.


Stiff window treatments include blinds like rollers venetians, vertical blinds or even romans . 


Soft window treatments include Roman shades, draperies, sheers, and valances. Hard and soft window treatments can be used individually, or they can be combined to create a layered look with more functionality.


Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes are the go to  forms of window treatment. They’ve been around for centuries, and for good reason. Curtains and drapes can give more character to a room than the other forms of window treatments. They’re also a great option for sound and temperature insulation.


Blackout, Room Darkening or Light Filtering

If you want to give your guests the ability to make their room dark during the height of the day, you should invest in heavy-duty hotel curtains. Guests can arrive after flights or long journeys and so a dark room will give them the best experience.

You should consider giving your guests the option to allow some sunlight in during the day. Light-filtering options like solar curtains or sheer shades can provide guests a view outside while reducing the amount of light coming in. You can provide privacy while letting guests get some sunlight.

How to Choose Window Treatments for Different Areas in a Hotel

Your employees and your guests will use each area of the hotel for different  purposes. That’s why you could separate each area when it come to choosing what to go for.

The lobby is the first room your guests will experience upon entering your hotel. You should try to make it simultaneously inviting and impressive. If you’re running a luxury hotel, you may want to show off a bit with flowing curtains and drapes. If you’re going for a modern, minimalist vibe, quality shades could be the best choice.

Your employees will be spending a lot of time in the lobby as well. Your receptionists will be using computers to check guests in, so make sure any windows behind them can block out the sunlight to reduce glare.

Common Areas

Common areas include rooms open to the public. These can include the lobby, the swimming pool area, dining rooms and workout rooms. Since your guests share these spaces, you should strive to install window treatments that are comfortable for everyone.

Light-filtering options are the best for common areas. They reduce glare and the amount of heat and harmful UV rays entering the room. For an option that will benefit everyone doing any activity, choose light-filtering window treatments.

Guest Rooms

The guest rooms are where you should provide the most customization. You can have as many things going on in your hotel as there are guest rooms. That’s why you should install window treatments that can accommodate any activity at any time of day.

Consider using a combination of window treatments in guest rooms. Layer heavy-duty hotel curtains over these to give guests even more control over the light that enters their rooms. With this type of flexibility, your guests can find the right adjustments that meet their needs all day long.


Things to Consider

As you choose your hotel’s window treatment, consider the following qualities.

  • Daylight: Some guests will want to let the sunlight in, while others will prefer to shut it out. Please each guest with options to choose based on their desires.
  • Nighttime: The moon, car headlights and streetlamps can light up the night. Many people enjoy sleeping in the darkest possible room, so make sure they can block out these unwanted lights.
  • TV glare: Sunlight glaring off a television screen can ruin anyone’s favorite TV show. Provide light-filtering or blackout options to give guests maximum television enjoyment.
  • Privacy: You want to ensure your guests get the privacy they need during their stay. Install window treatments that make guests feel comfortable at any time of day.
  • Safety: Your guests should feel safe during their visit. Wide-open windows throughout the building could have the opposite effect. Install window treatments to increase your guests’ feeling of safety.


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