Why Pelmets Are Making a Comeback...

We are thrilled to see that pelmets are enjoying a resurgence, not only because they add individuality and beauty to curtains, but they also offer clever styling solutions and interior tricks that can transform the appearance of a room.



What is a Pelmet?

A pelmet is a fabric-covered band of buckram, canvas or plywood which is fixed onto the front edge of a pelmet board. It conceals the track and curtain heading. Pelmets can be fitted to any shape of window and the design can easily be adapted to suit different sizes of windows within the same room. They can be fitted on the dead wall space above the window so that less light will be lost and the window will appear more elegant.

How to use pelmets?

Pelmets are suitable for a full range of window treatments from the simple to the dramatic. Depending on the shapes, Fabric and trims chosen, they can be austere, classic, pretty or even amusing.

The shape can be a straight band, or the lower edge can be gently curved. Curves can be shaped to emulate architectural details in the room or to emphasise the design of the fabric.



There are two types of pelmets, soft and hard. A pelmet is constructed in the same way as a tie-back where fabric is laid over a pelmet buckram or thin ply-board and lining is slip stitched to the reverse side. Webbing tape or Velcro is stitched to the top of the pelmet which can then be secured to the pelmet board.


Soft Pelmets

Favouring timeless fabrics such as pretty floralstoiles and delicate chintz designs, we are also now seeing more contemporary prints being featured in modern day homes to inject flamboyance and exaggerated style into an interior scheme.



Hard pelmets

Structured and simple in shape, box pelmets are made from light wood / mdfa and are covered in fabric which sits over the curtain track.


Made to Measure Curtains & Pelmets

We make designing your perfect curtains and pelmets a simple and enjoyable process. Made in the fabric that you love by our experienced team, we will work with you to create something truly beautiful for your home.


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