How Much fabric?

Never under-estimate the amount of fabric you need for your curtains. If you choose too little, the curtains will look mean when pulled back and will pull flat when drawn.
'Ideally, fabric panels for curtains, when combined, should be two to two and a half times the width of the window,'

Take a good look at the window; try to imagine the curtains when they are finished. How will they look when they are open or closed? Consider how high the fitting can sit above the frame and where the curtains will stack back.   As a general rule a curtain fixture should be the width of the window plus stacking space.  Visualizing all this will help you work out where to place your curtain track or pole.

Measuring – With the fittings in place you are ready to work out how much fabric you need.  For curtain poles, measure from the bottom of the curtain ring to the floor, this will give you the final drop.  For the width, simply measure the working length of the curtain pole, don’t include the finial as these are just decoration.

For curtain tracks, measure from the top of the track to the floor, for the final drop.  For the width, measure the working length of the track, including any overlaps.

Fabric calculations – Most curtains will require somewhere between 1 ½ and 2 ½ times fullness, depending on the heading and look you want to achieve.  I always prefer to be generous and use 2 ½ times the width, skimpy curtains don’t look good and you can always use any extra fabric for cushions or tie backs.

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