Drapes Tracks and Pole Fitting Service

We now offer a curtain track and pole fitting only service .

We can install curtain tracks and poles to almost any type of window from bay windows, patio doors and almost anything else.


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Bay windows make a beautiful statement in any room, but their unusual angles can make them difficult to dress. They come in a variety of shapes and are categorised by the number of bends they have.

We stock a range of  bay window tracks, including corded and uncorded . Our experts use the very latest specialist equipment to bend the curtain tracks to a tighter radius than any other company.



Track Types and Options

Uncorded tracks are easy-to-use and allow the curtain to move smoothly when drawn by hand. Alternatively, our corded tracks mean you can open and close your curtains without touching the fabric – ideal for delicate curtains or high ceilings. We also offer a range of electric tracks that can be operated using a switch, remote control or timer.

Some of the metal curtain tracks we offer can be customised in different colours, including white, gold, silver and bronze. Our range of curtain tracks have a high-quality design, so they are robust enough to hold heavy curtains.

There are no ugly joints or knuckles that connect poles together – all are bent in-house to provide a smooth curve for easy operation. We also have special brackets and rings to make drawing the curtains even easier.


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Curtain poles are perfect if you want to really make a statement with your curtains. They’re designed to be more prominent than tracks and come in a variety of colours and finishes, adding the all-important final touch to your room.

Whether your home is modern and minimal or more traditional, you’ll find a curtain pole to suit your style. 

Made to Measure Curtain Poles

Our bespoke curtain poles come in a range of diameters from 19mm to 50mm. However, you don’t necessarily need a larger pole for heavier curtains. Base your choice on how prominent you’d like the curtain pole to be.

With tall windows and high ceilings, try a pole which will stand out more. A 50mm diameter is perfect for poles which will be fitted 5m from the floor.

If you’re hanging floor-length curtains and fitting them lower down, a 30mm pole will stand out enough to be seen and not be overpowered by the curtain.

With short net curtains, the 23mm pole may be more suitable.

For eyelet curtains, the choice of diameter will largely depend on the size of the eyelets


Call us on 0800 772 0367 for advice and enquiries.