Curtains for angled windows can be a bit challenging due to the non-standard shape of the window. However, there are a few options you can consider:


  1. Custom-made Curtains: The best solution for angled windows is often custom-made curtains. By having curtains specifically tailored to fit your angled window, you can ensure a perfect fit and achieve the desired look. Custom-made curtains can be made with any type of header style mentioned earlier to suit your preferences.
  2. Individual Panels: Another option is to treat each section of the angled window separately. You can use individual curtain panels or drapes for each section, allowing them to hang independently. This approach works well when the angles of the window are significantly different or irregular.
  3. Curtain Tracks: Installing a flexible curtain track is another way to address angled windows. These tracks can be bent and adjusted to follow the angles of the window, allowing you to hang curtains smoothly. Curtain tracks are often used in combination with lightweight curtains or sheer fabrics.
  4. Curtain Rods with Swivel Joints: Swivel joints are specially designed connectors that allow curtain rods to be connected at different angles. By using swivel joints, you can install a curtain rod that follows the angle of the window, enabling you to hang curtains seamlessly.
  5. Tension Rods: For smaller angled windows, tension rods can be a practical option. These rods can be adjusted to fit the width of the window frame and provide a simple solution for hanging lightweight curtains or sheer panels.


Remember to take accurate measurements of your angled window and consult with a professional or curtain specialist to determine the best approach for your specific window shape and size.