Heading Styles


Eyelet curtains are often referred to as ring top curtains, it is a modern heading that is hung on 19mm metal curtain poles. The pole is thread through the eyelets without the need for any sort of track or hooks. Similar to a wave/surf heading, eyelet curtains stack neatly for a minimal look. They are less convenient in bedrooms as they will allow more light to seep from above.





Wave, or Surf, curtains have no bunching or pleats along the top. It is created through combining a specially designed heading tape and specific Wave/Surf track or tracked pole to get a soft and simple continuous wave effect. Ideal for living spaces with large windows or doors, a wave heading stacks back neatly and is well known for its contemporary look.



Pencil Pleat

The pencil pleat header is arguably the most popular of all curtain header styles. It is a classic gathered style that looks stunning within most rooms. The long, gathered look of the pleats creates a playful fullness to any interior’s décor. It adds voluminous depth to fabrics that aren’t too thick, so thin to medium weight fabrics are recommended for this style. Similar to the wave header, the pencil pleats are created using translucent tape on the back of the curtain. These pencil pleat tapes come in a variety of heights so the pencil pleat effect can remain just as effective when used in both taller and shorter curtain lengths.




A pinch pleat offers a classic look. Through folded creases in the stiff buckram the pleats are acheived. Hooks are then inserted and the curtain can be hung on a track or a rod. The three varieties of Pinch Pleat headers are characterised by the number of folds/creases at the top (single, double or triple) as well as the fullness, the stack back and the overall look. 



If you just love the “Shabby Chic” look, then the Classic Tab Top is for you!  This popular choice is best for stationary panels, though occasional hand traversing is fine.




This traditional and elegant pleat is named for its shape which resembles a goblet. (Disclaimer: NOT suitable for holding beverages!) The Goblet Pleat is considered more full and round than any other pleat giving robust body to the drapery panel.