Apex Window Curtains

Architects and enthusiasts alike adore these windows for their stunning aesthetic appeal. However, we often wonder if there have been discussions about how to dress apex, arched, or angled curtains before installing them in your property or inheriting them upon purchase.

Whether it's for privacy, light blocking, or protection from sun damage, some of these windows require proper dressing.

At Drapesey, we've noticed a growing trend of apex and various angled windows. So, when it comes to curtains, what are your options?

We have extensive experience in crafting and hanging curtains for numerous apex windows, and we've acquired valuable tips along the way. Additionally, we have a sample available for you to examine:



  1. Choosing the right track and installation:

    • We recommend using a high-quality metal curtain track, although it doesn't need to be a specific brand since the curtains won't actually slide along the track.
    • Along the length of the track, we install multiple stoppers to prevent the curtains from slipping down the rail.
    • Depending on the available space between the window and the ceiling, the track can be either top-fixed or face-fixed. Top fixing is often the better choice when limited or no space is available, as it avoids damaging the window frames.
    • It is crucial to use sturdy fixings. We often suggest customers install a wooden batten first, painted in the same color as the wall or ceiling, to provide a solid base. These curtains can be quite heavy, so reliable fixings are essential.
  2. Heading style:

    • Any heading style is possible, pencil pleat, duo pleat or triple pinch pleat.
    • Heading can be from 1 inch in depth up to 4 inches.
  3. Determining the finished length:

    • Deciding on the appropriate finished length for apex curtains can sometimes be a subject of debate.
    • When opening the curtains, the leading edge needs to rise off the ground to allow for tying them back. The longer the curtains, the closer the leading edge will be to the ground when they are open.
    • We recommend considering a "puddle" effect for your apex curtains, but there's no right or wrong amount. This aspect can be discussed and customized based on each customer's preferences.
  4. Tiebacks:

    • To hold the curtains open, you'll need tiebacks or holdbacks.
    • An interesting idea we encountered from a customer was ordering two sets of tiebacks in different lengths, providing greater control over how much the curtains can be opened or closed.
    • You might also want to consider using two hooks on each side to hold your tiebacks, with one hook concealed behind the curtain. The suitability of this option will depend on the fabric weight and the quality of your walls and fixing:
      •  Voile apex windows:
      • All the aforementioned advice applies if you opt for a voile or sheer fabric for your apex curtains.
      • It's also possible to have a double curtain setup, with a voile behind and a main fabric in the front.
      • Another option to consider is a double voile curtain. For instance, we recently created and installed one for an arched window, featuring a light-colored voile at the rear primarily used for privacy and a grey voile at the front. The client closed the front grey voile during winter for a warmer, thicker curtain feel. 



Title: Apex window Curtains  


Introduction: This  summary of the work completed for our valued client. It highlights the key objectives, tasks, and outcomes achieved during our engagement.

Objective: The primary objective of our work with the client was to fit curtains for a newly installed Apex Window. This objective was identified at the beginning of our engagement and served as the guiding principle for all activities.

Key Tasks:

  1. Task 1: Consultation : This task involved discussing the needs of our client. . The purpose of this task was to fully understand what our client wanted and to provide professional advice on how we could achieve and fulfil these needs .

  2. Our client wanted a curtain to fit the apex window which would provide privacy for the master bedroom , provide protection from light for a good night sleep and to enhance the interior finish of the room 


  1. Task 2: Measuring and designing:  This task encompassed taking accurate measurements of the Apex window and planning a design. The goal of this task was to provide accurate measurements for our workshop team ready for the make up of the curtains and also to understand the visual expectations with our client.  

  2. Our client wanted a double pinch pleat header to give that extra wow factor and a light grey plain fabric to fit the newly decorated room.


  1. Task 3: Installation: This task included the final installation of the curtains At over 4metres in length and width  , this would be challenge.  We ensured we had all the right tools and plenty of time!

  2. For our clients project we had to consider 2 factors - The height of the window and the weight of the curtains.  Of course - we were looking forward to the challenge but we would need a 2 person team and an easy and safe access to the height.


Key Outcomes:

  1. Outcome 1:  Double Pinch Pleat header.  As a result of our efforts, the curtains had an amazing finish adding to the decor of the room.

  2. Outcome 2: Good fit .  Through our collaborative approach and careful planning with the workshop team , the curtains fitted perfectly with a few (cm) off the floor.

  3. Outcome 3:  Our work led to the  final curtains being installed, dressed and project completed. 

Conclusion: In conclusion, our engagement with the client was focused on achieving a specific objective. Through the completion of various tasks, we successfully delivered a range of outcomes that benefited our client. We are confident that the work completed has made a positive impact and contributed to the overall success of the project. We remain committed to supporting their goals and objectives in the future.

Please note that this summary is a high-level overview, and for more detailed information, we recommend reaching out to the responsible project manager.

If you have any further questions about your upcoming project, please feel free to reach out.



Project Pic



What to avoid:

1 : We see a lot of curtains fitted on to apex windows where the header is tilted and not with the flow of the curtains as in the picture below.  This is not a good finish and not a professional way of making curtains for apex windows.  

So make sure you see a sample of what to expect and that your curtain maker is experienced and well trained.