Whats the difference between Curtains and curtain sheers?


Sheers have a transparent looking fabric that can be used as curtains to dress windows according to how much light and privacy your room needs.

They can be used to dress  a window partially  or as an entire window covering to filter light.

Sheer panels for windows are most commonly made from voile, which is a French word that translates to ‘veil.’


Sheer curtains


One of the huge benefits for these type of curtains is you will still be able to see outside and enjoy natural light in your space, but an outsider’s view of your home interior will be blurred or completely obscured depending on the time of the day.

Sheers also add an aesthetic softness to a room and can help to create an airy or breezy style because they drape so effortlessly. Sheers are available in any colour, and some have patterns or embroidery for added interest.


How to use Sheers with curtains?


Have the curtains on the outside and the sheers on the inside


One of the most popular ways to dress the sheer is to have a sheer on the inside closer to the window and a curtain on the outside layer.

To do this, it will require 2 poles or tracks fitted , however it's now possible to have a track with dual functionality. 

sheers and curtains


Sheers hanging  over the curtains 

Having sheers drape over curtains can achieve a very elegant and beautiful look. Larger floor length windows in large rooms can benefit from this the most. 


What are the different choices of sheer material to choose from ?



Linen sheer curtains let the perfect amount of light into your home, these sheer curtains are especially used for a modern look because of their natural tones. The textured weave gives these curtains a softer feel too.


Linen sheers


A range of cotton muslin and cotton blend sheer curtains.





net curtains




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