Interlining Curtains - A summary


Interlining curtains are a great way of enhancing the thermal properties of a curtain. A layers of specialised material is sandwiched between the face fabric and the lining of the curtain. 

This extra layer provides numerous benefits according to the type of interlining that is used. 

Here , I will breakdown the various forms of interlining and their associated benefits. 




Bump Interlining



This is the thickest interlining and is loosely woven fabric made from around 80% cotton and 20% mixed synthetic fibres. It should be used pre-shrunk as the high cotton content has a tendency to shrink in the damp atmosphere around windows.

Bump produces the best looking interlined curtains as it drapes beautifully and is especially suitable for silk, however it is also the hardest to work with as the loose weave results in an unstable fabric that moves and sheds fibres easily. 

The typical weight of bump is 400g/m 2 with a thickness of 0.5mm (1/4″)


Bonded Blackout Interlining



Bonded Blackout is a top quality Blackout Lining with Polyester wadding bonded to the reverse side. It is ideal for use in Roman Blinds to prevent ‘sagging’ between the Lining and Interlining layers. It also provides complete blackout which is perfect for bedrooms.


Dommette Interlining


Dommette is a heavily brushed 100% cotton twill fabric, slightly thinner than Bump. In my opinion it produces a great drape and gives the curtain a beautifully soft blankety feel. 

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