Should you keep the curtains closed during a very hot day?

Victoria Arrington, spokesman for Energy Helpline, replies: Keeping your windows shaded is indeed an excellent way to keep your home a bit cooler, especially during the intense temperatures of the current heatwave. 

With the majority of drapes and blinds, air should still be able to circulate in the home, even with the windows closed.

However, for the ultimate effect, when you are home, you could keep your drapes or blinds closed, and your windows open at the same time – these two combined should hopefully bring some relief during these ultra-warm days. 

If you are able to, you could also add a fan to the mix to could cool yourself even further.

The most powerful tool out there is air con – however, it's not such a great winner when it comes to energy efficiency. It tends to use approximately 80 per cent more energy than a fan.


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