Bedroom Curtain Ideas to Flavor the Windows

  • Two layers of drapes will do the thing if you cannot decide on which material to use. Design Cafe opted for an invisible curtain. This explains how the rod is hidden on the dropped ceiling. Using two types of materials like cotton and sheer. Since they come in the same color, the sheer material is perfect for a little privacy but is in need of natural lighting. The layers of solid and subtle material are ideal for airy bedroom designs. You can have the solid curtains pulled back when you want total coverage from sunlight. 




  • Royalty Arrangement
Massive windows require floor-to-ceiling drapes in bold colors. In this case, they used brown-grey curtains to match the vibe of the bedroom. Based on the lighting and furniture, it is easy to say that they are aiming for a vibe of royalty. With the layers of the drapes folded perfectly, it is safe to say that the sheers and the off-white walls induced uniformity in design. This bold color with intricate detail patterns filled the void of the plainness in the design of the bedroom. 
  • Two contradicting colors often make the best match to style your windows. Artamira aced the use of pastel pink and deep green for the drapes to match the color scheme of the bedroom. It brings a little blush to the bedroom, inducing a refreshing vibe. With the walls painted in deep green, it flows smoothly towards the windows and the bed. Having two contradicting colors for the window accessory allows you to have a choice between a subtle amount of sunlight or none at all. 


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