Wave Pleat . A cool and stylish trend.

Wave curtains are a famous new style that appears proper in any placing. In case you’ve ever puzzled about introducing these fashionable and minimalist curtains into your property, we’re here to assist: read on for all you need to understand about wave curtains.

 What's a wave curtain? 

Wave curtains use a modern trend to a curtain heading, guiding the curtains along special wave curtain tracks to create a uniform, ripple impact. whilst pulled again, wave curtains keep away from the bunched appearance which you get with everyday curtain poles or tracks.

How do wave curtains work?

The wave curtain appearance is done by use of a specifically designed wave curtain header that gathers the curtain cloth into even folds.

Will wave curtains appearance proper in my home?

The glossy and minimalist impact done through wave curtains makes them specially suitable for current interiors, but wave curtains also appear proper alongside greater traditional décor.



Can wave curtains be made in any cloth? 

Not like everyday curtains, a few fabrics aren't suitable for hanging as wave curtains. That’s due to the fact the cloth you use needs to drape well and follow the fine details of the tracks so that it will fall in the proper wave style.

In standard, heavy or stiff fabrics are not likely to be suitable, as are any that characteristic an irregular stripe sample that is going against the waves shaped through the tracks. Cotton, voile and a few silks can also all be suitable. to test your cloth, try preserving it in your hands in a wave sample and spot if it holds the sample because it falls. 

How much cloth is needed?

With wave curtains, there’s little room for flexibility in the amount of the quantity of cloth you use, so it’s crucial to get it proper. As a standard rule, you’re probably to need between 2 and a half coverage  of your window. 

Which is the most famous wave curtain?

Wave curtains are to be had with 80mm or 60mm spaces between every glider. 80mm is the most famous length, creating a bigger wave impact in the cloth.


Can you help me with a specific enquiry about Wave curtains?

Our experts will be delighted to answer your questions to help you make the best choices for your home.

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