• What is the acoustic panel made of?

The panel is made of a black acoustic felt (made of recycelt plastic). On top of that you find the slats with an MDF core and a veneer surface.


  • How do I clean the acoustic panels?

You best use a duster or a vacuum cleaner for the cleaning.


  • Is the felt breathable?

Yes, our acoustic felt is breathable.


  • Are the surfaces treated? Can I oil them?

The surfaces are in principle untreated.
They can be oiled with a wood oil (not cooking oil) and a sponge or towel.


  • What about the UV stability of the surfaces?

The wood surfaces are untreated and will therefore change over time due to the effects of light. The light, classical oak, for example, turns typically a little yellowish.


  • Do the panels also insulate the sound to the outside?

Unfortunately, the panels won’t stop sound from wandering from room to room (or floor to floor) – their main purpose is to absorb reverberation and prevent it from being reflected back into the room.

If you want to stop sound coming from a neighbour or a room, it needs good cavity insulation between walls or floors – and maybe more.


  • On what surfaces can I install the panel?

The installation is possible on nearly every surface, even on brick walls and concrete.


  • Can I use the panels in the bathroom?

In general, we do not recommend its use in damp rooms. The core consists of an MDF board, which could maybe swell.

Nevertheless, some of our customers have used the acoustic panels in the bathroom and are very satisfied.

However, it should be made sure that the product does not come into direct contact with water.


  • How do I install electric lights and sockets?

You can cut a hole into the panels and  extract the socket end of the panel wall.

Use electrician. 


  • How shall I mount the panels?

If the panels are mainly used for visual purposes, it is possible to attach them directly to the wall. For this, we recommend the use of (black) screws, which are then drilled directly through the felt into the wall or also glued to the wall with mounting glue.

To achieve sound class A, we recommend the mounting on 45mm thick battens. The resulting gap is then lined with mineral wool (we recommend Isover or Rockwool).


  • Do you provide an installation service?

We will come and install the panels , so you can sit back and relax.


  • Can I place pictures on the panels?

The picture frames can be stuck on with Tesa Foto Stripes, for example.
Alternatively, a small nail/screw can be drilled through the felt into the wall.


  • Can I hide cables behind the panels?

This depends on the thickness of the cables.

In general, the cables are simply positioned behind the panel, because the felt is very flexible and gives space at this point.